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F.(A.)Q. - Frequent(ly Asked) Questions
« am: 1. Juli 2002, 15:10:26 Uhr »
In the following text, you will find information about both the Masters' Website-Community and the Captain Future-section of the community.
You will also find info about the registration and what all the German buttons mean ;).

What is the Masters' Website-Community
We are a free boardcommunity that contains forums of all of the Masters' websites. The Masters are two people (originally) who wanted to put up some internet-websites. However, a good website needs a forum where visitors can exchange information and meet. Since we already had two websites, we decided to put up just one boardcommunity, so that visitors would have the chance to just visit one board and have access to all sections of the Masters' websites-forums.

Are you a commercial organisatiyabbsm2yabbsm2on?
No, we are no company or organisation, neither do we actually make any money with it. We don't charge any visitor or member for using this forum, it is completely free. We finance all this on our own, in order to keep it ad-free and we'd like it to stay this way.
What does the registration cost?
Nothing, it's 100% free! It always was free and it will stay free for all time, just as well as all the content on this website. You can create your account for free and ask us to delete it for free - no charge whatsoever (except what you have to pay to get online), so what are you waiting for?
Why a registration after all?
No one likes to register, that is for sure. You don't like to give away your data, and in the least to people you don't know. However, we do not use this data for anything and we don't give it away to anyone else. You can disclose your eMail-adress from others except from the administrators, so no one can contact you. You will never ever receive any spam-mail because you registered here, even we can't see to all data saved on the server, because it is encrypted.
Currently, there is guest-posting allowed, and it is up to all users to keep it this way. Registration means we can control what is written here and since we want to keep this forum "clean", we might decide to make registering necessary in order to post.
You are not allowed to post anything illegal, for more information, see the "Agreement" when registering.
Above all, registering has certain special advantages, guest-posting doesn't have.
When registered you can
  • start new polls and make your votes to polls already started
  • edit your posts
  • activate eMail-notification so you recieve an eMail once a reply has been posted to a topic you specified
  • set several options in your profile
Why this complicated domain?
This domain was provided for free thanks to our hoster - getting a new domain was possible, undoubtedly, but what should it be? Currently we wouldn't have an appropriate name, maybe some time soon. If you have a suggestion, feel free to contact us.
Who runs this Captain Future-Forum
This forum was set up by the webmasters of the Captain Future Pulp Project. But we soon realized that there is no other real "Captain Future"-fan-forum in german on the internet, and thus, fans had no possibility to get into contact with each other. So we offered Markus Keßelring, webmaster of the great Captain Future Masterpage to run this forum together with us. We host it and Markus is a moderator with us here. Together we want to offer an independent forum for "Captain Future"-fans to get into contact and have fun. This way new information can be spread within seconds all over the net - no matter whether you are a fan of the pulps and novels, the animated series or the merchandise-articles.
Since we want to reach as many fans of "Captain Future" as we can, other websites can join this "Captain Future"-community if they wish. Their individuality will not be touched by it and the webmasters won't have to bother to install a forum-software or even get a working server. A link to our forum is enough.
What advantages would I have to join the "Captain Future"-community with my site?
Many! Number one, you don't have to bother installing a forum-software (what takes a lot of time) and you would instantly be part of a bigger community! Why should the "Captain Future"-fans be spread all over the net in several forums, if you can organize that all in one? By that you get a richer and wider discussion - and it's easier for fans to look around in just one forum.
I have a CF-website and I'd like to join the community.
We're glad to hear that. The easiest way is to make a new entry in your site-menu named "Board" or "Forum" and with that entry link to our forum. The following URL would be appropriate:
If you contact us, we can integrate your logo in this community - that would be all that has to be done.
What disadvantages would I have?
None that we knew of. We don't charge anyone for anything - and the registration is for free as well. - So, really we can't think of anything.

But there are so few English-sections here...
Well, that's the easiest thing to change. We wanted to set up a german forum in the first place, but if there is interest in a bigger Englishspeaking forum, we can add new sections within seconds. We can even set the forum-language to english, if way more Englishspeaking visitors and members are here than Germanspeaking ones.

But there are Captain Future forums already...
That's right, but especially in the german net, we didn't find a working one. Almost a fistful were there once, but no one worked a few days/weeks ago. Either the websites themselves were down, or the forum-server was offline. Our server is until now, really fast and online almost every second. Scheduled downtime will be announced.
What is to come in the future?
Well, we hope more "Captain Future"-fans will come here and discuss in the forum and we keep up our work with our private Captain Future website - but it will take a long long time, till that one is published.

Everything here is in GERMAN??!!!
How nice of you to notice ;D. As we said, we originally wanted to set up a german forum.
We are working on a English version, if you register, you can select a standard-language for the time you're logged in. Unfortunately some of the buttons will still be in German - we are working on that.

Have a great time with this community and we would be glad to call you a member soon!
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