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An old Friend
« am: 29. Juni 2014, 18:45:57 Uhr »
This is the translation of one of my german shortstories:
"Ein alter Freund"
(A great "thank you" to Nemo!)
The figures are owned by Edmond Hamilton, but the story is mine.
Enjoy this fanfiction!

An old Friend
Captain Future looked up in surprise. A faint smile played on his lips as he realized his opponent.
   "Hello, my old friend", he said. "We haven´t seen us for awhile."
His friend smiled and showed a series of flawless, pearly white teeth. He answered:
   "I missed you, Curt", and it sounded honest.
Curtis laughed obviously amused and pushed his unruly hair from his forehead.
"I quite believe you, Ted. Especially since I have cheated you at our last meeting to your wages. As so often..."
   " Seventeen times, but who's counting? I do not bear any grudge against you. And I know you - you do not make debt."
Captain Future looked at his oldest friend awhile thoughtfully, and its timeless, slim appearance exuded a boundless peace.
   "That´s true", Curt said simply and had to cough.
   " Your credit is running out", Ted replied and it sounded urgent.
   "I know!"
Curt's gaze was serious, but suddenly the adventurous sparkle returned in his gray eyes and he grinned cheekily.
   "However, I was still hoping to bargain with you - for an extension..."
His friend laughed amused.
   "I should have known that you would try again!"
   "You know, I never give up! What can I offer you this time? More scientific knowledge? More adventures?"
   "Hm, I admit that you have always entertained me well. But when I play, I do not like to lose. And this time your odds are not particularly good, my friend."
An honest regret resonated in Ted's voice and Curt nodded in understanding.
   "That doesn´t scare me!"
   "You always astonish me. People curse me for my job, others fear me and just a few call me at all welcome. But you, you play with me!"
   "Finally, I have to keep you happy. From this, it depends a lot for me."
   "Another important mission?" his friend said knowingly.
Curtis shook his head. A drop of sweat ran down his temple. Impatiently, he wiped it away. He had to cough again, and he felt an unfamiliar pressure on his chest.
   "No, the solar system is now safe and my job is almost done - thanks to your forbearance."
Excited Ted leaned over to Curt. A lock of his silvery hair fell over his forehead and he brushed it back with an elegant movement. In his dark, quiet eyes suddenly caught dancing sparks.
   " Give me one good reason why I should help you again!" he demanded. "Is it because of her?"
Curt's face softened and exhausted he leaned back a little. He had a strange metallic taste in his mouth and breathing was getting harder and harder.
   "Yes", he whispered. "She needs me - now!"
Ted slapped his thighs in pleasure.
   "That I still can experience THIS!" he exclaimed delighted.
Curtis tumbled, but his friend put supportively his arm around him.
   "I beg you, Captain Future can be drawn from the traffic by a simple pulmonary plug-shot? But not now where it becomes really interesting in your life..."
The heat that radiated from Ted's hand in his back permeated Curt's chest and he suddenly felt better. He smiled faintly:
   " I knew you'd like that."   
   " Let us be clear, Curtis," Ted said empathic. " This is the last respite, I grant you. Use it wisely!"
Then he laughed in amusement and patted Newton encouraging on the shoulder:
   "It seems like you've finally understood me. Now I have to go back to business. Just one last question, why do you actually call me Ted?"
   "I think that sounds nicer, which is more suitable to your actual essence ..."
   Ted grinned and handed Curt Newton his hand in farewell. He took it without hesitation. Ted's handshake was firm, final and warm.
   Like comming home, Curtis thought, Like the deserved rest after a long, eventful life...
   "I thank you, Death. Thank you, my old friend!"

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