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Captain Future on VHS in North America
« am: 26. Oktober 2002, 03:34:04 Uhr »
Hi all,

I noticed that there are supposed to be 5 VHS releases of captain future in the States. I have only seen three - Captain Future,The Adventures of Captain Future V 1 & V 2.

Does anyone know if Captain Future Space Hero & Captain Future Special Agents & Alien Cutthroats are available in North America in NTSC format?  Or are these releases only available in the U.K. in PAL format?

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Re:Captain Future on VHS in North America
« Antwort #1 am: 2. November 2002, 16:42:39 Uhr »
Hi there!

I'm terribly sorry you had to wait so long for an answer.
That's usually not as long as we dare to let members wait - but just with the forum-update and everything ... I wanted to stop time for about 2 weeks to catch up with everything I had to :).

Anyway, welcome to our community!
And here is kind of an answer to your question.
"Kessel" posted this in another forum here:

As to his knowledge the series was shown in the US, but was cancelled soon and never aired all episodes.
The last few VHS-cassettes were sold in supermarkets, but none of it is available today anymore - you cannot order it either.

In Europe Captain Future was aired uncut on some english-speaking channels - completely. One of these channels was AFN (American Forces Network).
But that's all been a lont time ago.

There has been a laserdisc-edition, but with very little issue and it's completely sold out today.
Most of the englisch episodes were cut as well, but just a little. For example to get rid of the japanese fontsymbols.

So, it actually seems, there are no more cassettes or anything available today.
You can watch at, whether someone sells his/hers, but they are regarded as collectors' items today, so you'll hardly find any today.

If anyone else knows more, he/she will most likely post in here soon :).
Sorry again, for letting you wait - and sorry for the bad news.

Have a good time!
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